Over the years Keohane Readymix have been wonderful supporters of us in Innishannon Tidy Towns. If we need gravel, sand or readymix for a project it is just a phone call away. They receive any request with the utmost courtesy and deliver at any hour convenient to us.

They keep all the roads around their gravel pit in pristine condition and if you were to drive along the road fronting their works you would be totally unaware that any industry was going on in there. Over the years they have planted and enhanced the surrounding Bandon valley. Their tree planting has been a huge enrichment to our area.

Keohane Readymix is an example of a community conscious operation and we in Innishannon Tidy Towns are very appreciative of their support and their environmental concern for the Bandon Valley. We consider ourselves very lucky to have them as part of our community.

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