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1To what areas do you supply concrete?

Keohane Readymix Limited supplies readymix concrete to all of Cork County. See our location map for details.

2To what areas do you supply other products?

Blocks, stone and aggregates are all supplied throughout Munster, depending on quantities required. Contact us on 023 883 8710 for further information.

3How do I contact Keohane Readymix?

You can contact us by phone, email or post.

T: Ballygurteen 023 8838710 | Innishannon 021 4775599

E: [email protected]



Ballygurteen Plant and Offices
Ballygurteen, Clonakilty, Co. Cork.
Tel: (023) 8838710
Fax: (023) 8838944

Innishannon Plant and Offices
Dromkeen, Innishannon, Co. Cork.
Tel: (021) 4775599
Fax: (021) 4775474


4How do I know how much concrete to order?

Keohane Readymix concrete is supplied in cubic metres, from a minimum of 1 cubic metre upwards in 0.5 cubic metre quantities. Once you have your measurements use our Concrete Calculator to work out how much you need.

Select the basic shape of your space – rectangle, circle or triangle, then insert your measurements and the calculator will work out quantities required.

Be careful not to mix up metric and imperial measurements. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance and advice.

5How heavy is the concrete?

One cubic metre of Keohane Readymix concrete weighs approximately 2.4 tonnes, depending on the source of materials.

6What mix should we use?

The concrete mix you order very much depends on the application for which you plan to use the concrete. Different mixes are suitable for different applications. Click here for further information on typical applications, which may be of some assistance.

If you are unsure or require further help, please contact us for advice.

7How big are the trucks?

We have a number of different sized trucks available for deliveries, depending on the quantities ordered and site access requirements.

Click here to get further information on truck sizes.

In cases where our trucks will not be able to gain access to your site/project, alternative methods such as pumping or dumper hire may be required.

If you have any concerns, make sure to contact us to discuss in advance.

8How much notice do I need to give for concrete deliveries?

Normally a minimum of 24 hours notice is requested for concrete deliveries, however there may be occasions when we can accommodate your delivery in less time. The more notice you can give us, the greater the choice of delivery times available.

Call us to discuss your requirements and we will always do our best to accommodate you.

9How do we pay for concrete?

Keohane Readymix accepts most major debit or credit cards and you can also pay by bank transfer.

Funds must be in our account and cleared prior to dispatch.

10What do we need to prepare in advance of delivery of concrete?

Please check that a safe and adequate access is available for the delivery truck – see Truck Sizes here. We may request you sign an indemnity if access from the roadway is considered unsuitable.

Make sure all those coming into contact with the product use appropriate safety equipment and protective footware/clothing. Concrete is an alkaline and abrasive product and can cause burns and skin disease, see our Health & Safety information for further details.

11How long before the concrete goes hard?

Once water is added to the concrete mix at the plant, the chemical reaction commences and the concrete starts to set between 1-2 hours from that time. Setting times are dependent upon local weather conditions and the type of concrete ordered.

The concrete will require protective curing to prevent problems such as cracking, typically we recommend using a spray-on membrane or covering with plastic sheeting as soon as possible after placing.

12What is SR21?

SR 21 is a document listing the Irish Standard Recommendations on the use of the European Standard EN 13242. The document gives guidance on the best options to choose for specific engineering applications.

13What is Annex E?

Annex E is a section of SR 21 which deals specifically with guidance on specifying aggregate properties for granular fill for use under concrete floors or footpaths.

14When did SR21 revision come into effect?

The NSAI published the revised draft of S.R. 21 in March 2016. From date of publication the Standard becomes the only specification that should be used for granular materials to be used under concrete floors and footpaths.

15What is the full title and description for SR21?

SR 21: Guidance on the use of I.S. EN 13242:2013 – Aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound materials for use in civil engineering work and road construction.

16What new materials are covered by Annex E?

T.0 Struc

0-125mm Structural Layer for depths in excess 900mm


T.1 Struc

0/31.5mm (Crushed Rock) Structural Layer for depths less than 900mm

0/40mm (Crushed Gravel)  Structural Layer for depths less than 900mm


T.2 Perm

4/40mm Gas Permeable Layer


T.3 Blind

0/4mm Blinding Layer

17Where are these materials typically used?

T.0 Struc Unbound Granular Fill material is recommended for use where the fill material will be subject to substantial loading and /or dynamic loading, or the depth of fill is greater than 900 mm to the top of the subsoil.

T.1 Struc 0/31.5 Unbound Granular Fill (Crushed Rock) or 0/40mm Gravel is recommended for use where the overall depth of fill to subsoil is less than 900mm.

T.2 Perm 4/40mm Gas Permeable Layer is recommended in any building where a Radon Sump is to be operational in the sub-floor including all occupied new build projects, i.e. anywhere a person might be for work, leisure or residence.

T.3 Blind  0/4mm  Blinding Layer is used when blinding the top surface of the T.2 Permeable material to ensure the radon barrier is not punctured and there is a level surface upon which to place the insulation and pour the concrete.

18Are any other materials suitable for use under concrete floors & footpaths?

Annex E materials are the only materials that should be specified for use under concrete floors and footpaths.

19Who has responsibility for ensuring Granular Fill SR21 Annex E:2016 is used?

It is the sole responsibility of the customer/site contractor to establish a system of traceability to ensure the correct material is used in the correct application.

20How can it be traced with certainty that the correct materials have been used?

IS 888 “Code of Practice for the procurement and use of unbound granular fill hardcore material for use under concrete floors” has also been published by the NSAI. This document covers all aspects of ordering, delivery, placement and traceability that may be required by the material user and specifier.

21What Keohane Readymix locations can supply SR21 certified materials?

We can confirm that all relevant Keohane Readymix Ltd quarry locations have been inspected and tested and found to be in full compliance with S.R 21, and other S.R’s such as

S.R 16 Aggregates for Concrete

S.R 17 Aggregates for Bituminous Mixtures and Surface Treatments

S.R 18 Aggregates for Mortar

22What level of attestation is required for Annex E of SR21?

The system of attestation and verification of performance has changed from System 4 (self-certification) to System 2+ (independent certification) for this particular end use aggregate.

Annex E alone cannot be assessed for certification as only harmonized European Standards can be assessed for CE marking of Systems of Factory Production Control so all accreditation will be to EN 13242 Aggregates for Unbound and Hydraulically Bound Materials.

Keohane Readymix Ltd has a long history of supplying a wide range of building materials to the West Cork construction industry with no issues relating to pyritic heave or swelling.

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