Customer Guidance on Concrete

Concrete Design and Preparation

The following items need to be considered when preparing concrete design:

  • Strength requirements
  • Durability requirements
  • Aesthetic requirements
  • Maximum aggregate diameter
  • Method of placement
  • Placing rate
  • Concrete consistence
  • General boundary conditions
  • Delivery method and time
  • Curing/waiting time
  • Definition of test requirements
  • Mix design and specification
  • Preliminary testing
  • Mix design adjustment if necessary

Placement of Concrete

Concrete is placed within a limited and defined period.  The following factors contribute to the success of this operation, which is critical to concrete quality:

  • Checking of Delivery Docket
  • Using the correct equipment
  • Avoid over handling of concrete
  • Continuous placing and compacting
  • Re-compaction on large pours
  • Take the appropriate measures during interruptions
  • Carry out the necessary finishing

Curing of Concrete

Appropriate curing is essential to achieve consistent quality.  The following measures are required to achieve this:

  • Protect from adverse climate conditions – direct sun, wind, rain, frost
  • Prevent vibration after finishing
  • Use a curing agent
  • Cover with sheets or frost blankets
  • Keep damp
  • Maintain the curing time relevant to the temperature

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Keohane Readymix Customer Guidance on Concrete

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