Domestic Construction

Keohane Readymix Limited provides a range of products suitable for domestic builds, home repair and DIY applications.

At Keohane Readymix we have developed a specialist blend of ingredients in our Domestic Use Concrete to create a hardwearing, highly durable and quality assured product.

Keohane products typically used in the construction of homes;


Major benefits of using concrete in your home;

  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Fire proof
  • Energy efficiency

Concrete is used in manufacturing or constructing many of the critical structural elements of most homes as can be seen here;

Home Repair & DIY

Concrete, blocks, stone, sand & gravel are all available in variable load sizes and can be delivered with suitable trucks and lifts to facilitate delivery to households with limited access. We have trucks small enough to reverse into standard household driveways and lift off smaller load quantities of the required materials.

We provide a range of beautiful stone and gravel products, suitable for household and garden projects.


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Contact us for advise and assistance if you require small loads of  concrete, blocks, stone, sand or gravel for your next home DIY project – we’ll be happy to provide help with selecting the most suitable product and quantities required.


Contact us for advice and assistance on the quantity and mix of Keohane Domestic Use Concrete or if you require blocks, stone, sand or gravel for domestic construction projects – we’ll be happy to provide help with selecting the most suitable product and quantities required.

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Ballygurteen Office 023 883 8710
Inishannon Office 021 477 5599

or email [email protected]


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